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The AADC name change result no one saw coming.

By on March 6, 2019 1 5265 Views

Like any good, (and by ‘good’ we mean ‘bad’), reality show, Wednesday night’s AADC AGM had it all. There was some (admittedly mild) carrying on, a token hot guy, (yeah, we’re looking at you Matt), a potential King Ding-a-ling, a tribal vote, and a plot twist the size of Dirk’s Diggler that no one saw coming. (Not to mention a click bait headline for the story!)

For those of you playing at home, here’s how the night played out. It was the AADC AGM. In the tradition of great Art Directors Clubs around the world that we have no idea who they are, AADC used to stand for the Adelaide Art Director’s Club, which is kind of weird cause it also included people who weren’t art directors. But because everyone was too busy getting pissed, taking drugs, and doing great work, no one really thought to piss and moan about the name not being inclusive enough and everything worked just fine.

Then a few years back, in an effort to win Adelaide’s design community over, and get them to hand over all their money, (which is a lot cause fuck me have you seen how much some of them charge for a logo that’s really only just a font anyway?!?!), in membership fees and award entries, the name wasn’t changed, but what it stood for changed to the Adelaide Advertising and Design Club. This was supposed to woo extra members to the fold, and somewhere in there was lettuce-gate, but that’s another story. Anyway, some shit went down, and it turned out designers mostly didn’t really give a fuck about the AADC no matter what it stood for, so they did their thing, which was maybe be a part of AGDA where they could enter as many wine label designs as they liked, and the AADC continued to have bowling nights and an awards show that gave out less and less awards to the less and less people that turned up.

In an effort to do something or other, late last year an AADC name change was proposed again. In true reality show style like when you have to stick your hand into a ‘glory hole’ style dark box and see what’s in there, contestants, ah, we mean members were asked to turn up to vote for the new name, without actually being told what it was in advance. Unsurprisingly, ‘bullshit’ was called on this and the AGM was moved to now, only this time the name was announced in advance. It was being proposed the AADC should change to the not so different AACC, not to be confused with the ACC or the ACCC or ACDC, and this would stand for the ‘Adelaide Association of Creative Communications’, or ‘Fuck that’s boring’ for short.

No options were given. Just approve this, or don’t. Even with free gin on offer at the world famous Prohibition Distillery, a grand total of 23 of the club’s members turned up to vote on the name change, which in itself should probably be a sign that the majority of people simply didn’t give a shit. Which won’t stop them complaining after a decision is made, no doubt, but mostly fuck them for going to a Fringe show and paying for their own drinks instead of voting and getting free ones.

After an hour that seemed more like four, with 25 or so people expressing their opinions, (OK, it was more like two or three people speaking once, and myself and Chris Charlton speaking ten times each), it was time to vote via a show of hands. It would have been way better if Osher or that King Ding-a-ling guy from MAFS had been there, instead we had President James presiding over things. Now it must be said at this point, that despite saying he had no problem if it got voted down, it was pretty clear that James was all for the name change.

The tribal council were asked to vote by a show of hands, and even Helen Keller would have seen there were more ‘fuck offs’ than ‘fuck yeahs’, but somehow James managed to declare the vote unclear, and call for a written ballot. This seemed idiotic, until we were reminded some made up votes, AKA proxy votes, were submitted by people who couldn’t come on the night. There were a grand total of 927 proxy votes, except not really, because there were only seven, five of which were for the name change, and two of which were against, and it became clear that the vote was going to be tighter than a fish’s arsehole.

I don’t like to gloat, but it was at this point I made the sublime prediction that it would be a tie. And fuck me if I wasn’t right. For once. Unlike that time I said Facebook would never take off cause MySpace was rad. But law of averages and that whole even a busted clock is correct twice a day thing, and blow me down with a feather if the voting wasn’t 15-15! Talk about drama and into extra time we went. Which gave President James the deciding vote. I’m pretty sure I let out a possibly a little too loud audible groan at the predictability of what was going to happen next, but fuck me if there wasn’t the aforementioned plot twist I didn’t see coming. Despite being all for it, in a masterstroke of strategy and unpredictability, James voted ‘no’ and the new name went down faster than… (bad Debbie Does Dallass porn joke deleted because… fun police.)

So the end result is the AADC is still called the AADC. For now. Of the people who voted against the new name, it’s fair to say a good proportion of them are actually for a name change, but just not convinced the proposed name wasn’t complete and utter shit.

To be fair, because let’s face it, I never shoot my mouth of without being fair, sometimes, there were plenty of great reasons for a name change, and a stellar rationale for the proposed name. Which doesn’t change the fact that it was still in fact complete and utter shit, albeit with a good rationale that no one cares about because it doesn’t make it any less shit.

I’ll perhaps write more about the name and the club another time, but for now, consider yourself updated on how the vote itself played out. Not since the Honey Badger choosing no-one have we had such a non-result result. With any luck ex-Kojo receptionist and former Bachelorette Ali will return for an all star next season when we have 30 people each vote for 30 different names and get nowhere again.

Until then, goodnight boys and girls.