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SATC marketing dude going to Fiji.

by on July 15, 2021 0
Tourism SA marketing boss Brent Hill is heading to Fiji to be the new CEO of Tourism and drinks with little umbrellas in them. He’s been at SATC for about six years, including the last 18 months of Covid shit show, so he’s seen a bit, done a bit, worn a few pocket squares... Read More

KWP grabs innovation finalist.

by on July 15, 2021 0
They called it a ‘humble brag’ on their Facebook page, but we’re pretty sure it was more just your regular brag when they announced their winem8 project was a finalist in the 2021 AIIA iAwards. What the fuck are the iAwards? Glad you asked. Apparently, they reward excellence in Australian innovation that creates positive... Read More

AADC Awards are open/about to close.

by on July 15, 2021 0
Look, we’re a bit late on this one so this is to say either entries to this year’s AADC Awards are open and/or entries to this year’s AADC Awards are about to close. Or fuck, maybe they’ve closed already by the time you read this. Who fucking knows anything anymore? But if it ain’t... Read More

Office Space at The Innovation Factory

by on May 27, 2021 0
Looking for somewhere innovative to work? Last time we checked, The Innovation Factory had a spot or two. Who the fuck are they? Here’s what they say: Our goal is to create a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, business experts and private equity investors. This historical building was once home to the Slatters Shoes... Read More

AADC Awards wrap up 2020

by on October 31, 2020 0
Let’s be honest, 2020 has been weird as fuck so far and just when you think we were getting to whatever the fuck ‘Covid normal’ means, along came the AADC awards and seriously, what the fuck just happened? Well, I’ll tell you what didn’t happen: with the exception of one thing entered into 2,000... Read More

AADC Awards wrap up 2019

by on November 15, 2019 3
You know how sometimes there’s two sides to every story… but six sides to a rubicks cube? And how sometimes there’s a boxing match that goes down to the wire and both boxers think they won and the judges are split and one person wins even though they got the shit kicked out of... Read More