July 19, 2024

Showpony takes new client for a ride.

By on April 4, 2019 0 3767 Views

They went with the ‘changing gears’ line, but bugger it, we’re going with the ‘ride’ thing cause it’s way more click baity and we really wanted you to read this story. Which is about Showpony picking up the Santos Tour Down Under as a client. They did the whole competitive creative tender process things and crossed the finish line first, and some girls in lycra have given them the account and trophy. Except wait, no girls anymore. So just the account.

MD Jamie Scott said it’s the largest festival of cycling in the southern hemisphere, with more lycra per square metre than Hans’s wardrobe. Except not really, we made that up. He did, however, say “It’s established itself as an unmissable event on South Australia’s calendar, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans including national and international visitors” he said. “It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase our stunning State to Australia and the world.”

Creative Director Parris Mesidis said the entire creative team will be wearing lycra, and possibly working in the middle of the lane in groups, because “like the cyclists, our work is performing on the world stage. We’re looking forward to pushing some boundaries and making some real noise”. Maybe he meant bike lanes and not boundaries but we made most of that up as well so who knows.

Fothers, AKA Andrew Fotheringham, GM Marketing and Comms at Events South Australia, said they were excited about the new partnership and couldn’t resist his own little pun. “We look forward to joining the Showpony stable as we begin working on our campaign for the 2020 event and beyond.” Stable. Get it. Brilliant. Stable.

Showpony’s other clients include SANFL, HomeStart Finance, Rundle Mall, Flinders Uni, SA Health, Coopers and Bridgestone – who ironically make the tyres motorists use to run over cyclists.