July 19, 2024

Selfish Pricks Are The Best.

By on May 27, 2021 0 6478 Views

A couple of months ago SAPOL launched their ‘Selfish Prick’ campaign with a little bit naughty creative courtesy of Black Sheep Advertising. As Creative Director Andrew Millar, explained at the time, “The insights showed that people’s number one reason for drink driving is convenience – that it’s just easier for them. So we wanted to get into the heads of drink drivers and contrast their excuses with the potential consequences for themselves and those around them. At its core, we realised drink driving is one of the most selfish thing you can do.”

At the time, some of the comments were pretty epic. Like the person who asked if they’d be doing a ‘Selfish Bitch’ version aimed at women in which case “everyone would be up in arms with equality etc, but hey, we’re men, we should be expected to just suck it up because were all violent stupid animals, right??” And, well, yes. Truth. Poor men always getting such a rough deal. Although that suggestion is perhaps not as brilliant as the person who asked if they’d be doing a ‘Selfish C*nts’ version as well. Which they totally should. Please can we see that?

For our money, we wonder if selfish pricks are just too, well, selfish to worry about being selfish pricks but that’s just us and clearly the much smarter than us people at BestAds thought it was alright cause they just voted it as one of the Top 6 BestAds worldwide outdoor campaigns this week. Well done Black Sheep.