June 14, 2024

New Head of KOJO Creative

By on May 27, 2021 0 6307 Views

OK, so this happened a few weeks back but our site got hacked so this one’s more luke warm off the press than hot off the press and here we are.

We make no secret that we’re a little bit in love with the team at KOJO, but if you’ve been living under a rock, or in lockdown in Melbourne, the KOJO Creative is a full-service creative agency working with some of the world’s leading companies doing all sorts of bibs and bobs.

Jess Hill was an Executive Producer at KOJO and has been there since 2015, and now she’s moved up to the Head of KOJO Creative gig. She’ll be leading the business nationally, cranking up growth, developing new talent pathways, and some other stuff that sounded a bit wanky to use but goes with the territory.

Jess and the team will be working for long term clients such as BMW, MINI, Wesfarmers, BHP and some other new clients that we could tell you about but then we’d have to kill you. Also, we don’t actually bloody know, so there’s also that.

Jess says she’s “excited to lead the team as we continue to evolve and deliver on our unique creative capabilities to service our clients” and just once we’d love someone to say they’d rather stay at home in their tracky dacks but they took the gig cause they needed the money. Or maybe that’s just us?

Anyway, good luck Jess.