July 19, 2024

KWP grabs innovation finalist.

By on July 15, 2021 0 6335 Views

They called it a ‘humble brag’ on their Facebook page, but we’re pretty sure it was more just your regular brag when they announced their winem8 project was a finalist in the 2021 AIIA iAwards.

What the fuck are the iAwards? Glad you asked. Apparently, they reward excellence in Australian innovation that creates positive change in the community. Alcoholism aside, Ainem8 has created positive change by making an impact across the Australian wine industry within just 12 months of release, supporting wineries across three states and driving business profitability with its innovative approach to direct-to-consumer sales.

What the fuck have KWP got to do with Winem8? Glad you asked that as well. Winem8 is “A collaboration between KWP and Evans + Ayers, two Australian companies that represent over 150 years of leading creative and commercial thinking”. So there ya go. Well done KWP!