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kwp! gets arty in the top end.

By on February 4, 2019 0 3422 Views

Does kwp! Darwin count as local news? If we can claim Russel Crowe as an Aussie, surely we can claim kwp! up there as part of kwp! down here? We’re saying ‘yes’, and telling you about the campaign they’ve just knocked out for the Arts Trail.

You may remember kwp! lost the local tourism account a while back to an interstate mob, so promptly went out and stole someone else’s tourism account to make up for it, and this is some of the first work they’ve produced.

The Arts Trail was launched by Lauren Moss, the Minister for Tourism and Culture to help support and grow the NT’s Aboriginal arts and cultural industry and provide new and enriched attractions for local and international tourists.

Creative Director Corey Swaffer, who is definitely home grown SA through and through, explained the campaign rationale. “If you say ‘art’, most people think of art galleries with paintings on walls and sculptures on plinths. While you’ll go to some places like this on the Territory Arts Trail, it’s so much bigger than that. It’s a Territory-wide offering that links so many different art and culture focused experiences and brings them to life for tourists across a vast and unique landscape that is art in itself.”

The video features music from local Alice Springs must Davie Crowe and there’s spiffy new update to the website as part of the campaign as well.

Possibly not as iconic as the CU in the NT ‘campaign’ that appeared a while back, but lovely none the less.