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KOJO’s Intrepid Explorers

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Usually ads for places like caravan parks are bat shit boring. They generally, not surprisingly, show caravans and parks, and not much else. So when KOJO got hold of Discovery Parks, they decided to do something a bit different and came up with this lovely little ‘Intrepid Explorers’ spot.

The ad was “unscripted” – the action, not the poem – with a bunch of kids running around having a good time while Richie Coburn filmed them. OK, that sounded mildly creepy but you know what we mean. This kid in particular looks like us at the Sizzler all you can eat buffet.

This is basically us at the all you can eat Sizzler salad bar.

The ad was shot at a few different Discovery places, and is set to a poem read by a kidlet. It’s part of a campaign Discovery Parks bigwig Darren Peisley says will appeal to the large family travel market. (Not entirely sure if he means the large, family travel market, the large family, travel market, or a bit of both, and nor does it probably matter, but it’s fun to ponder.)

“Intrepid Explorers will resonate with parents who want to get their kids away from TV screens, and foster imagination and innocent childhood adventure. A competitive advantage for holiday parks over Airbnb and hotels, is their sense of community and freedom. This campaign really channels the simplicity of the childhood holiday – tech free, where kids can get back to nature and just be kids” he said.

Where kids can play with less iPads and more bugles

“The tourism and holiday park sector tends to have a uniformity to its advertising; loud and bright images that scream fun. This creative is different, and we think it will appeal to parents – and grandparents – who remember childhood holidays full of simple imagination-led freedom and adventure.”

There’s always one, isn’t there? You had one job.

Michael Grant from KOJO, or ‘Modest Mike’ as we’ll be calling him from now on, said “it’s a great example of two industry leading, Adelaide-based companies working together to create material that is impactful and different to the ‘norm’”. Bang on buddy, bang on.

This is not Richie Coburn shooting the ad. It’s a kid taking a few pictures before ducking down to the Kodak Photo Lab to have her roll of 24 developed.

Client: Discovery Holiday Parks
Chief Commercial Officer: Darren Peisley
Brand and Campaign Manager: Emily Bennett
Creative Agency: KOJO
Director/DoP/Editor: Richard Coburn
Producer/Stills: Matt Byrne
Client Partner: Michael Grant
Music: The Audio Embassy
Composer: Justin Pounsett