June 14, 2024

KOJO kicks more goals

By on April 22, 2019 1 6680 Views

We know everyone has a massive sook when local business goes interstate, but how good is it when the opposite happens? Local creative services agency KOJO have just won the creative content account for the Big Bash League and will now be doing cool shit for both Adelaide Oval and Optus Stadium in Perth.

It’s a two year deal and comes as a result of the awesome work they did for the 2018/19 season which involved completing 250 creative bits and pieces.

KOJO are probably most well know for the film stuff they do, (remember doing a bit of poo in your pants when you saw Wolf Creek?), but their sport division has been kicking goals (see what we did there?) for some time now including winning Mumbrella’s Sport Agency of the Year. You may have read a bit about this win already, so we hit CEO Dale Roberts up for a bit of extra info about the win and he explained that while they have a team in Melbourne, the creative was led by Adelaide-based creative director Phil Moule – with technical development and content management completed by a combo of their Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth teams.

The work will actually be seen on screens for all stadiums in Australia that host the BBL, but on top of that, they also have studios built at Adelaide Oval and Optus Stadium (WA) where they have full production deals – and they’ve actually just picked up Giants Stadium in Sydney as well. *fist pump*

KOJO Sport employs 20 full time staff with about twice that many working weekends nationally, and they do work for 10 of the 18 AFL clubs, 4 BBL clubs, NRL, golf and the one Global Rapid Rugby which will have games in Honkers, Singapore and across the ditch in NZ. (You can see some of the work they’ve done here.)

The division is basically brings together the video, digital, events, production, technical and post production work they’ve been doing for almost thirty years now. Well played KOJO, well played.