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Ad legend in the poo.

By on September 2, 2018 0 1386 Views

Adelaide advertising legend Andrew Killey ended up in a bit of a shit show last week which resulted in him resigning from the SA Tourism Commission Board only six months into the 12 month contract he was awarded in May. Back then, there was a bit of hoo ha about his appointment because it was linked to the news the agency he founded, kwp!, had missed out on the SA Tourism account to interstate outfit TBWA.

But that fuss was nothing compared to his latest crime of, ah, liking a tweet. The Tiser ran a story on it, but it was pay walled so if you’re not one of the nine people who actually pay for the news, let us give you a highly insightful analysis of the situation.

(At MADtown, we don’t really have a charter or code of conduct or anything official like that, but we will say we’re against all forms of racism, including the good old Aussie past time of ‘casual racism’.)

So what exactly was this tweet? According to reports, it was a ‘racially offensive’ tweet (Is ‘racially offensive’ different to ‘racist’? Was it offensive to a whole race, or just the Labor party? Sometimes it’s difficult to know when politics are involved), from a random @NCPA twitter account that suggested that certain politicians had “worked over the years to promote Greeks” and “gave Gov contracts to Greek crooks”.

Now, we should say, we have literally fuck all idea what historical dealings these refer to, but for our two cents worth, some interpretation is required. Are they suggesting all Greeks are crooks? Or that some of the Greeks that were awarded contracts were crooks? And what substitutes being a ‘crook’ exactly? Dishonesty? Unscrupulous behavior? Did they lay some concrete a bit thinner than what was specified? Did they sell adulterated honey like the Chinese? Wait, is that racially offensive to all Chinese? Or just the ones spiking honey with rice syrup and other shit? Or am I just not allowed to say where they’re from at all? It’s all so confusing… but back to the Greek crooks. #NotAllGreeks

So were some of these people actually crooks? And if so, is that “racially offensive” or are they simply… ah… adjectives? And if they’re not accurate, is it “racially offensive”, or just inaccurate? How relevant is the fact they’re Greeks or is there a different context at play here?

Opposition polly Tom Koutsantonis certainly jumped on the chance to say Andrew had shown “great disrespect to the Greek community of SA”, but I’m pretty sure that’s a crook, ah, I mean crock of shit. I’m a wog, albeit not that particular brand, (my mob are much worse than the Greeks), and I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t give a fuck and that this is just more bullshit political point scoring that cost Andrew his position on the board. My guess is he’ll still manage to put food (and Coopers) on the table just fine without the $17,690 he was earning from the position. (Quite hilariously, that’s almost the exact amount my first ever advertising job under Andrew at Clemenger paid back in 1989! And about twice as much as I earn now.)

Look, I’m not here to support Liberal or Labor or the Greens or Clive or Pauline or Serena, but fuck me, when you’re crime is liking a tweet, which I’m not even entirely sure was “racially offensive”, then I’ll be buggered if I know who’ll be left standing when we’ve all been judged for everything we’ve ever said or done… or liked. I imagine parliament house, and most boards, will be pretty bloody empty. And I’ve certainly decided to put my tilt at the Prime Ministership on hold for now.

As Andrew said, he values speaking his mind more than the job. *fist bump*

It tops off a bumpy couple of weeks for poor old Andrew though, who also saw his beloved Redlegs go down in a grand final against those North North Adelaide crooks who, some would argue, cheated their way into the grand final in the first place anyway. But whatever.


Pic credit: We nicked it from Andrew’s twitter.