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kwp! moves to rundle street

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We don’t want the new MADtown to look like The KWP Show with our first few stories all about them, but hey, they moved offices, they threw a party, and they invited us, so fuck it, we’re writing about it. Want to see more stories about other stuff? Then send us some. Or better still, throw a party and invite us.

Now, back to their new office. We could have just said “they moved to a new office in Rundle St and blah blah blah” but instead we interrogated ECD Corey Swaffer to get all the inside goss on the what, why, where so we could share it with you. So here goes.

So how long had you guys been at the last office and why did you move?

17 years at Solomon St. Someone decided to demolish the whole  block in front of us and build a 30 story hotel/apartment building. The idea of living in a construction site for the next three years was not appealing.

Understandable. So how did you end up in Rundle St? It seems like it’s becoming the epicentre of agencies. Is there something about Rundle St that is attractive?

As you know, KWP! was in Rundle St before Solomon St, so it’s a bit like coming home. We looked at a number of buildings around the city, not just in Rundle St, but this building ticked a lot of boxes for us. Size – being able to accommodate almost 60 staff with room to grow. Sole tenant – we like having our own building. A blank canvas – the opportunity to fit it out exactly how we want it. Being in Rundle St is a bonus – there’s definitely a creative energy around here reflected in the cafés, restaurants, bars and shops. And we don’t miss the Sheesha Lounges.

Sounds a bit racist to us, but also understandable. So wasn’t the current place a cinema? Did it need to be completely tizzied up? And how much of a say did kwp! have in that? (And were there any jaffas still in the corners?)

Some people were surprised, thinking the Nova cinema was still here. They obviously don’t go to the movies much because Nova closed these doors a couple of years ago. It was completely gutted when we first looked at it. No cinema screens, no tiered seating, no projectors and no popcorn or jaffas. We were involved in every aspect of the refurb – working closely with the Maras Group and their architects.

Three of kwp!’s biggest wigs. And the premier. In front of their disco sign.


Any distinctive things in the new building? You know, other than tables and chairs and your disco sign?

The six metre high exclamation mark is definitely a statement. We wanted to retain some of the history of the building being a cinema, so we have named our meeting rooms and common areas after movies and have the movie posters in there to identify them. Being an independent Australian company, all of these films are Australian, such as Mad Max and Shine. Of course the kitchen/café is The Dish. Coincidentally, the old Solomon St building was a cinema before we moved in there. Our old board room was an impressive space and the new one, while very different, still has that wow factor with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Rundle St.

What kinds of things do you think are important in a creative environment? I see you’ve got open plan everything so assume that’s something you guys like. The last place was like a rabbit warren and this is like an aircraft hanger with desks… what makes a creative environment for you?

Open plan is not a new thing but it is for us because the old building was like Mouse Trap with different departments on different levels. Now we have better integration and collaboration between different areas of the business because we are all in together. This also creates a great energy and noise. There’s more “Hey, what do you think about this?” and less email. We have lots of open breakout areas and quiet rooms to get away to – to think, chat, ideate and present in. This is really important in a creative environment – as is a dart board and a pool table that flips over to become an air hockey table. Not to mention the fridge full of Coopers and/or the commercial espresso machine.

Any general comments about what this next chapter for kwp! holds.

A lot has changed. New building. New logo. New era. But one thing hasn’t: KWP! was built on creativity and 27 years later, it’s still at the heart of everything we do. Creativity that stands out, makes a difference and gets results. Creativity with an exclamation mark on it.