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Welcome to AdTown

AdTown is a place for anyone who has anything to do with ads. Whether you write, design, send, receive, art direct, book, manage, produce, photograph, illustrate, plan, sell, buy, brief, record, shoot, build, print, broadcast, transmit... whatever you do, Adtown is a place where people who do ads go.

And yes, EVERYONE is welcome at AdTown

Call us hopelessly idealistic, but everyone is welcome in AdTown. As equals. Because in AdTown it doesn't matter if you have your dream job, or no job at all. And we couldn't care less if you have a shelf full of awards or have never even entered an award show; whether you work for the biggest agency in the universe or for yourself. Hell, we don't even care if your ads are awesome or crap - hey, who are we to judge? We leave that to the so-called experts.

What matters here is you. And with any luck, you'll find something useful every time you visit AdTown. Maybe you'll find someone you can help or someone who can help you. Maybe you'll just enjoy knowing what the hell is going on in the rest of the industry. And that means the whole of the rest of the industry, not just in the big, glamorous, award winning end of town.

And best of all, you can join free. We said we wanted AdTown to be for everyone,  and short of us paying you to join, that's about as good as it gets, wouldn't you say? Yes, it costs money to do some things in AdTown but hey, even that's nickels and dimes.

So anyway, we hope you enjoy your visit. Ye all come back now ya hear?

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