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20 March, 2015
A few bits and pieces from the past few months.

15 December, 2014
Clems to shut. kwp! to rule the roost!

10 November, 2014
New RSL Campaign | Social Media Course | Do Something for Dick | Pants Off for Charity

3 November, 2014
Awards Showcase | New CFS Campaign | Short Film Festival

20 October, 2014
New Vids | Copy Course

13 October, 2014
New Campaign | Another New Campaign | New Alliance | Free Uber Offer

29 September, 2014
Account Win | New Work | New Course | Free Ticket Giveaway

22 September, 2014
AADC Awards wrap up: The good, the bad, the ugly...

15 September, 2014
New Campaign | Winners are Grinners | Get Smarter

8 September, 2014
New Campaign | New Campaign | Award Win

25 August, 2014
New Campaign | New Kids on the Block | New Event & Exhbition

18 August, 2014
A Facelift | Bikini Girls | Research Opportunity

11 August, 2014
Marketing Week | New Appointment | AADC Mentor Event Launch

Exciting opportunity for the right agency!
I am looking for a multi-talented creative agency with the right values.

Are you an Arsehat?
It's time to choose. Between being an arsehat. And being awesome. Are you ready to decide?

Brainstorming with Balls
Why is it that one thing can stick in our mind through the clutter of so much more information? In one moment, it can be one thing that can blow our minds and make us fans for life. Like a classic film or a captivating musical.

1 August, 2014
We Need Your Vote | Win $25,000 | Copywriting Course | Awards Change of Date

25 July, 2014
New Campaign | Account Win | The Best New Campaign EVER! (Sputnik made us write that)

18 July, 2014
AADC Awards | AGDA Awards | Awards winners | Big Picture | AWARD School Winner

4 July, 2014
Who Won What | A Big Break for Young Creatives | A New TVC

Separating the Significant From the Superficial
While most clients still seek the best advertising specialists for every discipline, more are showing interest in digital agencies to serve as the lead on integrated communications efforts.

20 June, 2014
A Big Opening | A Load of Bull (Fighting) | Design Guru Out in the Cold | Super Signage

6 June, 2014
Fantastic New Campaign | Old Farts Event | New Awards | Industry Survey

30 May, 2014
AADC Changes | AADC Awards Announcement | Digital Scavenger Hunt | New Talent in Town

23 May, 2014
Not Much Actually | A Charity Thing | AADC Pool Night | Some AdSchool Courses | Hipster Ipsum

Here’s some feedback: Let the clouds gather as well as the sun shine
It would be irritating to you and insincere of me to pretend AWARD School is all sunshine, rainbows and interpretive dance as students traverse the week-by-week wade and brief-by-brief blows. By Tia Psaras.

Technology Makes Us Less Tolerant
Technology makes us less tolerant – Communication without confrontation. But remember – Praise is fleeting but brick walls recall... The immediate now of today’s world is leaving our human desire behind. By Camilla Youels.

Six Key Online Market Trends we can expect in 2014
Do you believe your business can keep its social head above water in 2014? How aligned is your digital strategy with your business objectives? By Camilla Youels.

16 May, 2014
New Big Gun Hits Town | New TVC | Big Time Tech Awards | New Tourism App | New Event

9 May, 2014
New Website (And a REALLY tall girl) | New Office & People | New(ish) Studio | And an Event.

2 May, 2014
A Massive Thankyou | New Video | Birthday & New Campaign | Another Birthday - Our Own!

Ironing the ageism wrinkle
When an industry professional announced to a room full of ad-industry hopefuls earlier this year “don’t bother trying to get into the industry if over 30”, I nearly choked on a mouth-full of WTF.

Oh, the data! Um, I mean humanity.
A piece of advice received at the first AWARD School lecture was to always respect the consumer.

11 April, 2014
New Campaign | New Faces | New Part of Existing Campaign

4 April, 2014
New Campaign | New Faces | New Part of Existing Campaign

From excreta to ecstasy
Two weeks and one brief into AWARD School and my brain feels like it’s had a cleansing enema.

28 March, 2014
No News Is Bad News | New Website | Merge, New Faces, New Projects

21 March, 2014
New Campaign | New Appointment | New Opportunities

Lizards, scumbags and ego – the lessons begin before we start.
I got into AWARD School! With the first rush of excitement I posted an update on Facebook and shared the news with a few contacts via email. Then, I did a nervous wee.

14 March, 2014
New Campaign (+ Blow Up Doll) | Another New Campaign | New Appointment | New Design Work

7 March, 2014
New Election Campaign | Stones Exhibition | New Privacy Laws | Big Changes for AGDA

28 February, 2014
Agency Gets Fresh | WOMAD Campaign | Tasting Australia Campaign

21 February, 2014
A New Campaign | Another New Campaign | And, Ah, Another New Campaign

14 February, 2014
A Lot of Hot Air | New Campaign | And Another New Campaign

7 February, 2014
New Ad | New Short Films | (Lots of) New faces

Looking for a job?
If you're looking for a job, especially if you're just starting out, check out one of these books. There's a real one printed on actual paper and one of those fancy, digital eBooks that comes with an hour of blockbusting video.

15 November, 2013
Award Winners | Copycat News from Botswana | New Appointment | Mystery News

8 November, 2013
Mentor Award Winner | New (Free) Skills Course | New (Not Free) Job Hunter's Boot Camp | Design Mentor Needed

1 November, 2013
New Campaign | Award Winner | Tasty New Website

Important, urgent request.
We don't ask for much. In fact, we don't usually ask for anything most of the time. But today we have a question for you. A really important question.

25 October, 2013
Bums For Sale | Award Winners | Banned Ad

18 October, 2013
New Campaign | International Award Winner | Upcoming Event (Just like last week!)

11 October, 2013
New Campaign | International Award Winner | Upcoming Event

4 October, 2013
Silly New Campaign | Creative Finalist | Event for Up-and-Comers

27 September, 2013
New Video | New Technology | New Digital Role

20 September, 2013
New Campaign | Audio Studio | New Creativity Section | Event Tonight

13 September, 2013
New CD | New TVC | New Pasta

6 September, 2013
New App (that knocked our socks off) | New MD | New Campaign

30 August, 2013
Account Win | MD Leaves | The Hamster Decides

23 August, 2013
New Creatives | New GM | Big Gun Goes Freelance | Event News

16 August, 2013
Awards Wrap Up | AWARD Graduation | New Event

9 August, 2013
New Partnership | Wild West Night | New TVC

2 August, 2013
New TVC | New Course | New Workshop | Marketing Week/AADC Awards

27 July, 2013
Account Win (Slightly old news, sorry) | Marketing Week | AADC Awards | Exhibition

19 July, 2013
New Company | New TVC | New Creative Group | Mystery Email

12 July, 2013.
New Film Clip | Open Day | Mary Huff Returns | Resistance is Useless

5 July, 2013
Models in Undies | New Trampaign | 50 Shades of News | A Gratuitous Plug

28 June, 2013
New Campaign | Account Win | Walls Up at The Tiser | Marketing Week Revealed

21 May, 2013
New MD | New Appointment/Campaign | Open Day | Award Extension

14 May, 2013
New TVC | New Work | Account Win

7 June, 2013
Award Win | New Campaign | AADC Awards News

31 May, 2013
New Festival | Steamy Billboard | Bigger than Big Win

24 May, 2013
New Tourism Campaign | Another New Tourism Campaign | 30Below Launches in SA (ie NOT a Tourism Campaign)

17 May, 2013
AADC Awards Announcement | New Campaign | Exhibition | BrandSA Event |

10 May, 2013
New Name | New Faces | Snapper runs for Council | New Campaign | Account Win

3 May, 2013
New Campaign | Launch Party | Big Account Win (x 2)

19 April, 2013
New Brand ID by Sector7g | New people & division for Deventer | Illustrators Exhibition registrations now open | Caravan of Love comes to an end.

12 April, 2013.
New Campaign (& Person) | Short Film Success | Big Birthday News | Self Indulgent Clap Trap

5 April, 2013
New Store | Launch Campaign | Cannes Comp | Running Man | Sh!t News | Management Jiggle

22 March, 2013
Awards News | New Campaigns | Doco Premiere

15 March, 2013
New campaign | New ID | Illustrator News | Adobe gets slapped

AN OPEN LETTER FROM OUR MAYOR: Shut the F#*k Up. Please.
An open letter to anyone who goes to a design graduation opening night. And specifically to anyone who was at last night's.

March 1, 2013
BrandSA update | SATC Pitch Update | New Website | Fusion Investment | New People |

New entrepreneurial hub is coming.
The State Government has partnered with Microsoft and BankSA to establish a new entrepreneurial hub in the city.

Feb 15, 2013.
THEM buys again | Martins on the Fringe | Plane crash story | Job Hunter's Boot Camp

Gotta Club and Wanna Share?
Got a club or association or group or gang and want to share your news with our little part of the world? Then check this out.

Feb 1, 2013.
AdTown evolves | New editor | Account wins | New staff | New website | Design event

Save up to 60% on this week's stories
A big international award, another knock off, a competition, the latest from AdSchool and a blatant plug for an ad-band.

This Week's stories are ribbed for extra pleasure
A big change for the industry (maybe), a tasty new campaign, another big award for a local, a familiar face back in town and a royal bootcamp.

Don't be a mug - get a free one.
Sponsor AdTown and get a free mug valued at $49.95*. (*It's not really worth $49.95. Or even $39.95)

How to get into the industry.
Yes, after decades of blood, sweat and tears (well, about a year), the (almost) definitive guide to getting a gig in advertising, marketing and design has been released! Get a special pre-sale price on it here! Includes plenty of advice from industry legends including Russel Howcroft, Nigel Marsh, Siimon Reynolds, Matt Eastwood and plenty more. (Good news for all your art directors, there's plenty of pictures and not too many words!)

Out stories are now 100% GM-free.
A rubbish new campaign, a couple of very tasty new awards for a couple of locals and a new website that's creating a lot of buzz - literally!

It may be a spooky Friday but we've got stacks of good news.
The best book ever released*, some young guns, tales from La La land, a few awards and events and some goss about a knocked off ad. (*it's not really)

News? We've got lashings of it.
A local campaign gets recognised in Europe, a pool night, a new CD in town, an absolutely unbelievable free mug offer and a chance to get trashed.

A few short stories for a really short week
A couple of new TV campaigns, a creative on the loose, a horny puma, a digital company makes it's mark and a trip down memory lane for our Mayor.

Another crackerjack week of news
A spiffy new press campaign, an international campaign out of Adelaide, a fizzy tizzy and some more juicy gossip.

This week's 96.73% true stories.
A big business win, a crapping cocky, a very speedy digital course and an april fool's wrap up.

Not quite as big as our morning news, but at least these ones are true.
Some cool new staff moves, some digital seminars, an Adelaide boy returns with his crayons and another marketing push into the USA

Our totally awesome April Fools stories...
A massive agency merger, another new agency comes to town and more fantastic international awards for a local agency.

So much news, you'll need TWO cups of coffee.
A 'new' agency making it's mark, feedback from last week's 'incident', an industry arrest, more sexy international awards, another hissy fit and a winning rear end!

Three weeks worth of news all in one!
Some serious mud slinging, a really crappy new TVC, a very fancy global award for a local, some spiffy international work and an opportunity for all you budding Spielbergs.

Award winning news from the Awards and beyond
A missing president, the real AADC Award winners, a #WINNING event, a last chance to get in on some digital action and a very exciting new competition.

2011 AADC Awards Highlights
OK, so if you want the short version of who won the big awards on the night, you might want to start here.

More high octane news from out and about.
Some awards with an awesome prize, a well known man on the move, a flash mob campaign worth checking out and a chance to up your creds and get a sexy new job or maybe even a pay rise.

Another week full of sexy AdTown news
A big client lost means big changes for one local agency, The Advertiser are seeing red (and blue), a designer's fancy fringe effort, last chance tickets for the Awards night and a big business win for another agency.

What's up in AdTown this week
A very special and rather lovely mention for AdTown, a totally awesome short film, a innovative experiential campaign and some pics and the results from the highly anticipated AADC croquet night!

You won't believe what's going on in AdTown this week!
There's a super effort to inspire creativity, what is possibly the world's smallest cinema, an interesting case of VD for a credit union, more news on Y&R hitting Adelaide, some not so super ads from the super bowl and a fairly pathetic attempt at fleecing you of your hard earned bucks...

A few bits of news to kick the year off
Find out about a new R-rated campaign, a big international business win and some fancy new technology Coopers are using in their latest campaign.

AWARD Deadline
School is about to start for up and coming creatives, make sure you don't miss out.

Awards Deadline
AADC Award entries closing soon

2010 - What A Year!
It seems like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to 2009. Now all of a sudden it’s the end of 2010. We hope it was a good one for you, and in case you missed some of the high (and low) lights, we’ve done a quick summary for you.

This week's stories with Summer Savings
Nudity, alcohol, a warning & body paint to end the year

Creatives Nude Up
It seems like we’re making this stuff up just so we can write about naked people. But nope, this is a genuine story about a few local creatives nuding up - and winning for the efforts!

Plonk Goes Digital
We like to think of ourselves as being pretty in the loop and up to date. And not too crusty. But the truth is we only understand about half of the stuff in this story. Possibly more like 3/8th

Agency Gets Crisp Results
They weren’t even around a little over 12 months ago, now they’re fast becoming a player on the local scene working with some of the state’s biggest and well known brands.

This week's stories have no artificial colours
An agency returns, a book about wallpaper, new TV campaign and a very happy snapper

They’re Baaaaaaaack!
What a way to end 2010 with some of the biggest news to hit the industry since... since... ah, the last bit of really big news. Which we’re struggling to recall. No, really, this is ginormous! Maybe.

Wallpaper Is In
We tend to hate people who are good at lots of things. It hardly seems fair. But what the heck, we’ve made an exception for this person to tell you all about her latest uber exciting project.

Agency Lands New TV Campaign
A new ad featuring a naked motorcycle rider has just hit the screens. It’s an outrage we say! Actually, no, we think it’s awesome - check it out and see if you agree.

Photographer Is Lightly Salted
If you’re looking for a happy snapper, you could do worse than to check out the guy who just picked up the Professional Photographer of the Year Award!

This week's stories, end of year clearance
AdTown gets the arse, some AADC magic, pimped TV and MEGA Opportunities

AdTown Gets The Arse
Yes folks, this week AdTown got the chop. And the sausage for that matter. And yep, it’s a major kick in the arse.

AADC Reveals The Magic
And for the AADCs latest trick, they make any hope of winning an award disappear.

Tits Ahoy
It’s no secret we’re fans of gratuitous nudity - especially our own. So you can imagine our absolute unbridled delight when we got wind of a story we could run that involved multiple scantily clad bikini babes. And one very clever man - thankfully not in bikinis.

MEGA Opportunity
So you think you’re creative? Want to prove it by taking your idea and turning it into a squillion dollars? This might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

This week's family size stories
A gold award for a black design company, a new TVC for Womad and an ad campaign that actually worked.

Black and Gold
Winners are grinners so who exactly is the latest SA design studio to pick up some precious metal?

Womad Certified Organic
When the world music festival needed a new TVC, they gave the creative team free reign. Want to see what they came up with?

Sales Go Boom
Any good creative will tell you making ads is all about winning awards and not generating sales. But every now and then, presumably by coincidence, an ad actually works really well. This was one of them.

This week's rather special top stories
We tell you all about getting naked, a new creative hot shop making its mark and all about beer and polo

The Naked Truth
A new ad featuring a naked motorcycle rider has just hit the screens. It’s an outrage we say! Actually, no, we think it’s awesome - check it out and see if you agree.

State Of Things To Come
The owner of one of SA’s up and coming creative hot shops may be a zombie, but his new business is very much alive and kicking and starting to make its presence felt around town. Find out all about it right here.

Polo Fever Is Brewing
Polo might be a sport that’s mostly for posers and snobs but at least they’ll be drinking decent beer this year.

This week’s top stories; top brands, low prices
Lanterns, the Queen, some buzz and how to draw a crowd

Lantern Shines Bright
It seems like it’s been there forever, but the Rundle Lantern just keeps winning awards. And it’s a biggy! We tell you who, what, where, when and why. Actually, mostly just what.

Queen Gets A Facelift
Ah yes, the queen. God bless her little cotton socks. And her corgis. But this is about a different queen - the one with the same name as us, no, not Queen AdTown, Queen Adelaide.

Agency Creates Buzz With New Ad
After winning the Bernie Lewis account a little while back, which agency has started doing some quite new looking work for them? We’ll give you a peek at their latest TVC and tell you a bit about it!

This week’s stories, with everyday low prices
Zombies, catapults and then it all gets a bit silly

Spirit Of The Undead
Ok, so it’s not exactly Thriller, but it’s got zombies and music and it was made right here in good old Adelaide... What’s it all about? Find out here

Agency Lauches Catapult
Is it a bird, is it a plane... Or is it a rather odd campaign that’s catapulting around the world..?

It's That Time Of Year Again
Ah yes, the Silly Season is almost on us... And you know what that means - much sillyness of course

This week’s stories, Now with no added sugar
New clicks, winning prints and keeping it in the family.

KWP! Clicks with Internode
And the winner of the Internode account is...

SA Printers Get Stamp Of Success
OK, OK, so we know it’s not necessarily the glamourous end of the ship, but these are the guys that make the jobs look great, and apparently they’re doing it better than anywher else in Australia.

Keeping It In The Family
South Australia might be infamous for a certain kind of ‘family’ but it turns out new research shows keeping a family brand can make quite a bit of difference.

This week’s stories, A bargain at half the price
A new sound studio, a successful campaign and a picture perfect exhibition.

At home in new studio
Adelaide has a new sound studio - just don’t expect to find it in one of the usual posh, inner city commercial locations.

GR8NEWZ for Them
Recession? What recession? It seems if you get the campaign right, there are still more than enough punters out there happy to spend the bucks.

Picture Perfect
Even if you’re not particularly into art, this is one exhibition you really should get off your bum and go see.

This week's stories, now with (slightly) less fat
A sad goodbye, a new campaign, and a big interstate win for a local agency.

FabAds go Boom Boom
They’re more well known for some of their ‘Yellavision’ ads over the past ten years, now they’ve put that energy to use in a campaign for a new energy drink.

Centro Counts Sheep
We love it when we get to tell you about a local agency winning business from interstate. So exactly which agency has just snagged a big chunk of Centro?

Grzesch Resurfaces
He used to be at AdCorp but went missing in action after their restructure. Now he’s popped up and you’ll never guess where. Actually, you probably will, but you can confirm it here.

A Sad Goodbye
Some personal musings from the Mayor of AdTown on saying goodbye to someone who was truly one of the industry's great talents, great characters and great blokes.

The all new, environmentally friendly* version of this week's stories.
A guest speaker, an award, an exhibition, another award, yet another award, and an event.

KWP! team get the cut.
So which team at kwp! Not only got the cut, and picked up a trip to Noosa for their troubles?

Clems Spiked
It was one of our favourite campaigns in recent times, and now it’s won a super sexy award. Want to know all about it?

Global Young Gun fires!
Only one person from Australia got a look in at this year’s Young Gun awards in New York and it was someone from Adelaide. Find out who right here.

Animators go crazy!
What do you get when you tell some of Adelaide’s most creative, and possibly crazy, people to cut loose and let their imaginations run wild?

SA music legend returns
He’s worked on all the best accounts, won all the best awards, and now you have the chance to hear what he’s got on his mind.

This week's stories, now with 20% more story.
An account win, a success story, an interstate expansion, an export story, a course that's about to start and and a rather abusive plea for help.

Sunny forecast for Climat
There’s only one thing better than picking up a nice new account and that’s picking up a nice new account without having to kill anyone for it. So which agency just picked up Climat?

Design studio hits Syderknee
We bloody hate it when we hear SA companies are packing up and moving East. But when they’re staying here AND moving East, that’s another story entirely.

PRA makes Exit
Yep, one of the hottest animation companies in town has just cut a deal that will see it be even more excellent than it already is?

America to get a taste of our Beer
The team at Aussie Inc continue on their merry way taking our finest to the land of the free, home of the brave. Then do a u-turn and bring one of their cool products back down under.

Five bigger than big stories of the week.
See the world's best ads, a rather fancy beer sponsorship, an account win, a new name in town, a new recruit

Local brew gets fancy
At first glance, it’s not the most obvious pairing, but one of our beloved brews has gone a little bit fancy. Actually, kind of a lot fancy, with their latest sponsorship.

Agency wins NT
An almost, sort of, kind of local agency picks up a top piece of Top End government business.

Sydney research company comes to town
The recent trend (iethe past 10 or 20 years) has been to see national companies pulling out of SA, but low and behold (whatever that actually means), one company research company has done just the opposite

Hughes expands digital
It's digital this, digital that at the moment. So it's little wonder companies are rushing to beef up their digital cred. So who's hired who? Find out here.

All of this week's stories in one hit...
More of a scroller than a clicker... then this page is for you.

Bryce pumps up the JAM
Oh, come on... Someone had to say it so it may as well be us. Yes, JAM have added a new GM to their ranks and you can find out who and why right here.

Design Studio on a roll
No, not ham, cheese, tomato. But these guys are on a new business roll having picked up more new clients than Mark McInnes has felt up.

Gotta get a pretty good new campaign
They’re two of the biggest and possibly most recognised retail brands in SA, and they’ve joined forces to create a really big double whammy of a campaign.

A new campaign and other news of the week
A new campaign for Bridgestone, all the pics from the AADC Bingo night, AWARD School winners, Netball superstars and HEAPS of other stuff...

Howcroft's balls tingle and other news of the week...
What makes Russel Howcrofts balls tingle? Find out here. Plus SA says bye bye to a big industry name... and a few other bits nad pieces

This week in AdTown: August 20, 2010.
A wanky new ad campaign, some news from The Comms Council, Some awards news and a couple of events

This week in AdTown: August 13, 2010
A new TVC, a new mag, and some industry research you might want to know about. Or not. Up to you really.

It's time to cough up
A minute or two of your time and a dollar or two of your money - that's all we ask for this very worthy cause!

This week in AdTown: August 6, 2010.
An exciting new company on the block, the latest goss on a must see event and more 3D news.

Sponsor our Mayor!
Yep, our Mayor has signed up to run the New York Marathon and he's on the lookout for a few sponsors who'll get their logo printed where the sun don't shine. And we don't mean Melbourne.

This week in AdTown: July 30, 2010.
A 160th birthday, some account wins, new ads, new staff and another award win. It's all here in one big fat juicy page. No clicking. Just scroll!

AdTown needs a new home.
That's right, we're about to be homeless. So if you or someone you know might have a spare office for us, please give!

Crocodile eats mum
After about a decade in the radio wilderness we’ve finally started to make a bit of a dent in the national market again. So who’s the latest to win a Siren? And this time with a mum-eating croc?

Animation company folds
They’ve been around for ages, they’re brilliant, they win heaps of awards... The question isn’t why are the folding, but what.

Tucker joins hands
Tucker Design have been working with a great local organisation and we're proud to say, it's all because of us here at AdTown. Check out what it's all about right here

LA Cooler
There’s only one thing better than winning a new piece of business and that’s winning a new piece of business without having to do a full-on pitch. Find out here who won what and why.

SA important to new CEO
The local GM may have gotten his marching orders, so what exactly do Australia’s largest locally owned marketing communications group have planned for SA?

Tasty new ad in 3D
Everyone’s talking about 3D. And some people are doing more than talking - so here’s another tasty 3D effort made right here in SA.

Agency gets fleeced
Which agency ditched the client briefs and gave their staff the all clear to do whatever the hell they want creatively?

Work life balance anyone?
Ever wondered how to achieve some work life balance? Advertising guy, author and all round nice bloke (even if he is a pom) Nigel Marsh shares his thoughts on the subject

And the winner of MAC is...
Earlier in the year Motor Accident Commission put their account up for pitch. Every man and his dog had a sniff, a few agencies made it to pitch stage, but have you heard who won? Find out here in an AdTown exclusive.

Fruchocs share the love
They had a competition to find the best design to show their little brown balls on a T-shirt. So who won and what was the winning entry all about?

San Remo backs both sides
Some might consider it down right un-Australian, but it would seem all’s fair in love, war, netball and pasta. So what exactly are San Remo up to on the other side of the pond?

Big pitch win
There’s been a few big pitches on lately, and the big credit union pitch was about as big as they get. So who came up trumps? Sorry, you’re gonna have to lick to find out

OMD make it a double
They won a stack of awards for being awesome, but what’s the latest accolade to be thrown their way?

New faces
Want to know who’s where now the music’s stopped on this latest round of musical chairs?

Twilight alert!
Want to see the new Twilight film? Don’t just give your money to Hoyts, buy a ticket to a special screening that helps Adelaide’s up and coming designers.

A story in 3D
OK, the story isn’t actually IN 3D, but it is ON 3D. Which means you don’t have to wear any ridiculous glasses. Unless you want to. Either way, you’ll hear about the latest 3D technology to hit Adelaide.

Crowdsourcing alert
Want to make a name for yourself? The AADC are on the lookout for a theme for next year;s awards which means your idea could be on show to pretty much the entire universe. OK, maybe not the universe, but certainly the whole industry.

Print school a hit
These days the pace of technology makes keeping up with thing increasingly difficult. So no matter how good you are, these latest print information sessions are a must if you’re into that sort of thing.

Wendy’s looks for Top Dog
After picking up the Wendy’s account earlier in the year JAM have launched their first major campaign for the company.

SA company hits US Military
We love it when local companies make an impact internationally, so we were blown away to hear about this latest coup.

ZEN goes blue.
You’ve heard of blue movies. Well, this is a blue campaign. Find out what it’s all about right here.

Fans Build Brands
We have to say that along with the AADC awards, Marketing Week is without question one of the biggest events of the year, and they’ve just announced some big name speakers.

Mum's the word
Their first campaign on the subject got noticed, and awarded, around the world. Now they’re at it again.

Flower power!
EDC launches two new campaigns, and as usual you can rely on us to tell you all about them

New work, new people
There’s been a lot of movement at the station around at Oasis Post with new projects and new people. Check out what’s new right here.

He shoots cops!
He’s shot more cops than Scarface. So, who exactly has been at it again?

The write stuff
They say you should never judge a book by its cover and this is certainly one of those times. Thankfully it’s a book about copywriting, not art direction.

Ampersands unite!
OK, it’s unlikely to be something you hear Rusty yell out in his latest Robin Hood flick, but this clever new campaign is so cool it almost makes us want to go to church. Hey, we said almost.

Credit Union better than ever
Their days in their current form may be numbered, but that hasn’t stopped this credit union banging out a fancy new ad.

Emerging opportunities
The guys and gals over at Emerging Marketers have been busy little beavers lately and if you’re an emerging marketer, there’s a bunch of stuff they’ve got on that you really should know about.

Last chance for AdSchool
The second term of AdSchool starts soon, with several subjects still available for anyone looking to further their studies and careers.

Mayor Involved in Doomsday Cult?
While SA Police bust a local doomsday cult, we would like to categorically deny any involvement.

Water videos make a splash
At least a couple of locals are on a mission to win a trip to Cannes. Check out what they’ve done to make it happen.

Picture this
We all know art directors and designers can’t (or at least don’t) read, so if you know one, please tell them all about this.

Marketing on the move
When people talk about ideas, they're more often than not talking about advertising ideas. But we'd like to give the guys behind Foodland's latest promo a big pat on the back for coming up with what we reckon is quite a good one.

Pool the other one
If you’ve been hanging out for the AADC AGM, you’re one sick puppy. Lucky for you the AGM also means the Pool Night is on, so get ready to smack some balls. And maybe play some pool as well.

Mayor takes on Pit Bull
Many of you know him simply as the Mayor of AdTown. But it turns out he still manages to sneak in a few adverttising projects in his spare time. So we give you a rare insight into what he's been up to lately.

Local students on global stage
It seems our local design studios aren’t the only ones proving themselves on a global level with even our design students making an impression internationally.

Cool ad for Resin
Yep, it’s another story with a global link with another SA company strutting their stuff on the world stage. Who did what exactly? Find out here!

Green is golden
It seems there’s been quite a lot of awesome news lately about SA firms doing us proud overseas. Here’s another great achievement that deserves a big pat on the back.

No strings attached
We like to pretend we’re doing a story on this cause it’s a nice campaign for an interesting event featuring the work of a great Adelaide artists. But really it’s just because it’s got boobies in it.

Knock shop or Agency?
At various times, the AdTown offices have been described as a bit of a brothel, but it turns out this particular agency is actually supposed to look that way.

On the move
Yes AdTowners, after last year when the only moves seemed to be people getting the arse courtesy of the GFC, it’s nice to see people actually moving to other jobs now. And we’ve got a summary of some of the latest moves right here.

SA first for local agency
When it comes to awards, there’s awards, and then there’s awards. And awards. And one local agency is in the running for one of the really rather good ones.

San Remo in the deep end
Forget the Popeye and the paddleboats, the Rover Torrens is about to play host to a serious boat race.

New head for model
OK, it’s not actually a new head in an actual model. But a new head person at a modeling agency. Want to know who’s and at which one? You’re in luck cause we’ve got all the goss.

Every dog has its day
He may not be quite up there with ‘The Star Wars’ kid or ‘The Dancing Man’ just yet, but Adelaide now has its very own genuine YouTube star. And he’s already made his way into a brand new TVC.

Design studio not short of breath
They’ve just added a few sexy new projects and a new team member to help them get it all done. So who exactly is doing what?

AdTown Awards wrap up
If you weren’t one of the lucky ones at this extravagant, no expense spared event, dry your weepy eyes friends, because we’ve got a full, slightly indulgent wrap of the winners right here.

More than shrimps on the Barbie
If you ask us, or even if you don’t, this really is one of the most exciting projects to come out of SA in a long, long time

Fresh approach to recruitment
If you're looking for someone to help you when you're looking for someone... there's a fresh new name in town.

Mal on the move
He’s been working in research, but now he’s crossed over to the other side

Nope, the guys around at LA aren't crossing their legs and chanting 'Om' (that we know of), but they have picked up nice new piece of business

Footy tribes are calling
With the local footy season now under way, the SANFL have produced a new campaign through Spirit Films to get supporters on board.

Agency reveals all
It’s no secret they’ve been making changes behind the scenes, now they’ve finally come out told us what the hell is going on. Sort of.

Who came up trumps at the AADC awards?
It’s the industry’s night of nights, and if you managed to miss out on it, we know the question on everyone’s lips is ‘who won what?’ And yes, you can rely on AdTown to bring you all the details. So here goes

Top awards nothing to sneeze at
If the AADC Awards are like the Logies, which, to be fair, they’re not, the Gold Chair and Masters Chair are kind of like the Gold Logie. Sort of. But not really. All that aside, want to know who won them?

Who got watered?
It’s a slightly odd award that’s given out every year, and you’ll never guess who got their grubby little mitts on it this year!

The (Second) Biggest Night of the Year!
OK, yeah, we’ll concede the AADC Awards is probably still the biggest industry night of the year. But we’re hot on its heels with a massive night where everyone’s a winner!

A new digital presence for SA
Statistically SA is behind the rest of Australia (and possibly also Botswana) when it comes to all things digital, but we’re fast catching up and now there’s another new name on the digital landscape.

Mitey win for SeeSaw
An Adelaide agency pulls in a very nice piece of national business as they get set to take on our national food!

Coopers have fun with the election
Coopers made their presence felt at the recent State Election. It’s just a pity one of the Coopers family didn’t actually run for Premier - at least then there would have been someone worth voting for.

Agency Blaze’s a new trail
It’s been a tough week or so for a certain national agency, including their office here in SA. But without skipping a beat, they’ve painted the front door, and voila, hey presto, there’s a new agency in town.

Clems goes solar
Actually, we have no idea how environmentally friendly they are, but we do know they're now super friendly with a certain solar client they've just picked up

Fancy a year's supply of Fruchocs?
OK, so it’s not exactly a whole hotel like the Crowne Plaza Comp, but come on, $1000 cash and a year’s supply of FruChocs is nothing to sneeze, or squeeze a pimple at!

Win a hotel!
Why settle for wrecking a hotel room rock’n’roll style when you can wreck the whole hotel - before it’s even open! Now THIS is one cool competition!

Put up or shut up!
Which agency person has decided to shut the hell up - all in the name of charity?

Resin’s fast start to 2010
It’s only March but they’ve already been busier than a two-peckered billy goat. Find out what high profile projects they’ve been up to.

Screen Award for local sound studio
It turns out the Screen Awards also give awards for sound. So which local studio won one? Find out here.

LightBulb switches on
There’s a new digital agency in town and as usual, we’ve got our finger on the pulse and introduce you to the man behind it all.

A new peg, a sponsorship deal, an (almost) award and a new campaign
Don’t want the waffle? Or too many details? Couldn't give a rat's about who specificically said what specifically? Or our opinion about it all? Then this bite size piece is for you.

Rural Bank launches
This campaign makes farming look so sexy, it almost makes us want to go and grow sheep or something just so we can bank with them. Almost.

The Pony that could
It's the award yuo get when you're not getting an award for an ad they did for a beer you have when you're not having a beer. Fitting really, isn't it?

Coopers go racing
As the old saying goes 'fish where the fish are', and Coopers are certainly doing this by sponsoring an event where people drink like fish. Even though, yes, we know fish don't really drink.

New peg for Square Holes
Square Holes add a new face to their team of creative researchers and it turns out he brings some pretty impressive credentials with him. Pity he’s a Pom.

A night with balls.
OK, we're suckers for a ball joke, but the AADC lawn bowls night had plenty of them.

A big win, some new awards and a new campaign
Don’t want the waffle? Or too many details? Couldn't give a rat's about who specificically said what specifically? Or our opinion about it all? Then this bite size piece is for you.

Who nabbed the big one?
It's worth like $420billion dollars, or possibly just slightly less, and last week they announced who was getting it. But what now.

Effies launched in SA
Fancy winning another Effen award? Oh, hang on, that’s supposed to be an Effie Award. They were just launched in Adelaide and the deadline is approaching fast.

Election ads hit
It’s the only time of year when there’s more politicians wrapped around stobie poles than hoon drivers. Yep, it’s election time and the ads are coming so prepare yourself.

A way to kick your career into gear, a new ad for UNiSA and a sign of the times
Don’t want the waffle? Or too many details? Couldn't give a rat's about who specificically said what specifically? Or our opinion about it all? Then this bite size piece is for you.

AdSchool turns 20
Want to get into, or get ahead in this fine industry of ours and don’t like puckering up to a bum cheek? Then AdSchool might just be a better way to go.

Fun trailer for Uni
You say ‘Engineering’ we say Zzzzzzzzzzz...... Sorry, nodded off there for a moment. Just as well someone made an ad that’s more exciting than the subject to get people interested.

Job hunter gets creative
OK, so Fnuky got on the TV for their approach to finding new staff in Facebook. So how exactly did one plucky applicant steal their limelight with her own social networking effort?

An award winning ad, a digital course, and a cool new book
Don’t want the waffle? Or too many details? Couldn't give a rat's about who specificically said what specifically? Or our opinion about it all? Then this bite size piece is for you.

Tough luck for Showpony
They did an ad. The client thought it was so good they decided to run it internationally. And it won an award. Double whammy!

Sale time at Voice
Their first book won one of the sexiest awards on the planet so it’s hardly surprising they’re at it again. But you’ll never guess what this book is about. And lucky for you, you don’t have to guess, cause we’re gonna tell you!

MEGA Opportunity
If you’re into anything even vaguely more digital than your Casio digital watch with the calculator, and want to be a gazillionaire, this course is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

It’s clearly Coopers
In case you've been living under a rock, you probably know about this already, but while AdTown was taking a well earned break, the boys and girls at Coopers were launching a cool new beer

Calling all award entries
AADC Awards entries close any tick of the clock so ya better get a move on. Oh, and the AADC are also looking for some people to open their doors for Open Day

The year ahead
Trick or treat? We asked a bunch of local ad people what 2010 had in store, and a couple of them even answered. Here's what they see in the year ahead

The passing of an industry legend
It is with great sadness we say farewell to an industry legend

AWARD School applications now open
Yep, this is your chance to crack the big time. But you'd better be quick, because the blink and you'll miss it deadline is almost upon us.

AdTown Mugs Now Available!
OK, you know there's nothing you want more than your very own AdTown mug. Go on, admit it. You want one, don't you? What's more, you know your friends want one as well. Now some of your money can buy one of these money-can't-buy gifts just in time for Easter... or possibly Anzac Day.

Saucy new site
Any site that's twisted enough to give prizes to people who suggest blowing up their BBQ guests (in a non-Al-Qaeda kind of way of course) is alright with us. If you're into that sort of thing you should check this out for sure

Graduates on the prowl
Looking for a creative young gun? Well, the latest lot of graduates are out and about and we’ll give you the chance to do a little window shopping to see who’s who.

Ripping it up online
OK, so getting online isn't exactly some major breakthrough, but when the town's biggest and best street press decide their moment in the digital sun has come, you can be pretty sure it's gonna shake things up a bit

SA wins big at AFIs
Hey, there's nothing quite like winning a nice shiny award. OK, we know advertising is all about results and stuff, but when a couple of local talents pick up some rather impressive awards, it's definitely worth going 'woo hoo' about

MediaNest on track
The new trams and tram line might be a giant pain in the posterior to most of us, but to at least one company, it’s a great big opportunity. Maybe it is for you too?

Who won the Lotteries lottery?
It was one of the year’s biggest local advertising pitches and the results are now in. The multi million jackpot question is, who’s lucky numbers came up?

Agency all fired up
They won the account. Then banged out a bunch of work in almost record time. So what exactly did they win and what exactly did they do after they won it? Check it out here.

Agency of the Decade?
OK, so if you’re gonna win an award, Media Agency of the Year aint half bad. But we reckon Media Agency of the Decade is about ten times as good, so who here in SA can lay claim to that?

Read Me
Trust an Advertising guy to call his book ‘Read Me’. Talk about a call to action. In any case, he asked, and we did (a bit) and now we’re gonna tell you a bit about it.

Paper Cut Awards launched!
Come on, admit it, the thought of another award for your office makes you all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? Well, these SA only awards could also have you on your way to the Caxtons!

When judgement matters
We know getting hammered and having a chunder might be the Australian Way, but one beer company is banking on some namby pamby beer drinkers doing the right thing and opting for a very unbeery kind of beer.

Gnomes massacred
It’s a pretty well known fact we’re rather fond of dwarves - or little people as they may like to be called - here at AdTown. So when we first heard about a gnome massacre we were pretty damn outraged.

Offbeat, crazy and different?
Any company that supports being crazy and different is OK with us. So when they turned five and launched their new website we were all over it.

Agency all fired up
This year we’ve seen a few agency makeovers. So which agency has a fancy new name and logo now? As usual, you can find out all about it right here!

SA company an Oscar chance!
It may not be quite as good as picking up a Logie, but you could be forgiven for thinking this Adelaide company are at least a little bit excited at the prospect of meeting Oscar.

Adelaide gets coloured in
It doesn’t seem all that long ago that newspapers were pretty much just black and white, and even a basic splash of spot colour red was quite a big deal. Now The Tiser and Sunday Mail have got colour galore!

Cinema stuntman
Forget 3D movies at the cinemas, this was a cinema ad in actual real life 3D with an actual person and none of those dorky 3D glasses required

Discover your digital heart
We all know it’s a digital world and that websites can be kind of important, but if you want to know how you can take your business to the next level from someone who’s done it, this could be right up your digital alley.

It's Official!
Yes, the much rumoured super group is happening. And no, we're not talking about ABBA but he new ad industry group...

Another new business splurge
Some places are rather chuffed when they pick up a new piece of business. So we can only imagine how these guys are feeling after picking up a whole stack of new bits and pieces.

Cool new advertising idea
We’ve all heard about the fragmented media market, so it’s no wonder people are looking for interesting places to stick their ad messages. Wait until you see where one innovative SA company is sticking theirs.

Tiger chugs down SA's finest
You'd have to be living under a rock to not know Tiger's in Australia. But do you know what beer and wine he's been chugging down? We'll give you a clue, they're both from SA. Actually, read on and we'll give you more than a clue, we'll tell you!

More awards for animators
They’re one of Australia’s leading animation companies, they’re right here in Adelaide, and they’ve won a bunch of sexy new awards.

Gun trouble for photographer
So who exactly was the well known industry person who ended up in court this week on firearms charges? We set-aside our usual ‘good news only’ policy to tell you a bit about it.

No place to race
Everyone knows people only watch the races for the crashes, so this new ad featuring some super cool crashes is bound to prove pretty popular.

Xtra Shiny go west
Let’s be honest here: any campaign featuring buxom wenches and wrenches, cigars and guitars, not to mention shotguns and pigs heads was always going to get a write up on AdTown.

New faces and places
The latest news on a few new faces and one old one (no offence) who’s going out on his own and doing something new.

Starburst free zone
It truly saddens us that not everyone loves the beloved star burst. It’s just difficult to understand. Yet here’s a campaign that claims to have not a 50% discount or star burst in sight. Oh, the shame of it all.

New book gets it write
Whoever thought punctuation would be this much fun? OK, so maybe it’s still not fun, but at least it looks really nice now.

Panda treat for pageant
There’s no point even trying to top Nipper and Nimble, but we have a sneaking suspicion this new pageant float will be a firm favourite. The question is, who was behind it?

Epic ad ready
What kind of ad takes as long to make as a feature film? THIS kind of ad, and as usual, you can find out all about it and see it in all its glory right here.

Unreal ad hits the streets
They call it ‘stylised realism’ which means it looks real, but it isn’t. But holy cow, how real DOES it look. It might just look even better than the real thing...

Billboard gets knocked up
Knocking up a billboard is no small ask. So when we spotted a billboard showing the tell-tale signs of having been up to no good, we had to find out who was behind it all.

Stars align at Casino
If you haven't yet seen the new Adelaide Casino campaign, well now's your chance. And, well, if you HAVE seen it but want to know a bit more about it, then now's also your chance.

New ad not what it seems.
If you love ads with eye popping special effects, the latest in CGI, and state of the art animation, then this new ad isn't for you

Coopers on a roll
SIS is the latest affliction to hit, with drinkers of Cooper Pale Ale being treated in various amusing ways

Super group for SA?
No, it’s not ABBA. Or the ‘We Are The World’ crew. But an ad industry ‘super group’ intent on world domination. And they’re headed our way. Maybe.

SA agency up for global award
It’s the first time an SA agency has ever even been a finalist at these international awards. Plus they’re SA’s only finalist in some national awards as well. So who’s got it going on?

New website a Stretch
When one of Australia’s top ten snappers needed a new website, who did he enlist to help? And how did it all turn out? We’re glad you asked...

So they want to ban the humble chewy eh? This is your chance to show us what you're made of creatively and help save the beloved chewy.

Rethinking drinking
We all know if you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot, but after having that message drummed into us for years, Clems have taken quite a different approach to their latest campaign.

$38 million up for grabs
No, it’s not a Lotto Super Draw but the SA Government’s Master Media Account and we’ve got a bit of a lowdown about it all.

Onka gets a facelift
A few years back, having a city council account would have been considered pretty dull. But these days it seems like they’ve been taking their creative pills and doing some smashing work.

PR Company joins Club
One local PR company has picked up more new business than The Fev’s had Crown Lagers. Here’s a quick rundown of who it is and what they’ve picked up.

Retail Rules Update
We’d tell you this workshop is free, but apparently that’s against the rules. Mostly because it’s not. But it is worth every cent. Which we think we are allowed to say.

New face at Tucker
We haven’t had an awful lot of staff moves news in recent times, but now one company has made a senior appointment we thought you might like to know about.

Who’s on the move?
Some of the state’s most famous ads have come out of this building. Now someone new is moving into it. Find out who right here, right now.

Creepy new awards
It's always nice when SA grabs an award on the national stage, so like the agency that won, we're rather chuffed to tell you who won what and where

Pandas take off
At the moment, it seems like Pandas are a bit like salt - they’re in everything. And here’s another campaign with Pandas in it. But when you’re giving away a trip to go see wild Pandas, even we have to confess that’s probably fair enough.

New business binge
It’s great to see another agency go on a new business binge picking up a bunch of cool new clients.

Musical chairs at Oasis
It’s musical chairs time over at Oasis. So check out who’s moved where and who ended up sitting in what seat when the music stopped.

City Bay Offer!
Thinking of dragging your sorry arse down Anzac Highway in the name of fun? Then here's an offer too good to ignore... and no, it's not an offer to go to the pub instead!

SA Flu spreads
Forget swine flu, this particular strain of flu started right here in Australia, and has infected millions of people all over the globe, including at least one high profile Hollywood star!

Nicknack express themselves
Nicknack paddy-whack give a charity a bunch of fantastic new TVCs. And that’s exactly what they did. What’s more, you can see them right here!

Pasta for Diamonds
AdTown may not have gotten a guernsey to this dinner, but there’s no hard feelings. Well, not many. Actually, we’re pretty miffed about it all. Just not so miffed that we’re not still happy to tell you all about it.

Parallax party on
Didn’t get a guernsey to Parallax’s studio warming party? Gee, guess you’re just not as cool as us here at AdTown. Not to worry, you can read a bit about it and even see a few pics from the night right here.

Ronald pulls the boots on
OK, so Ronald isn’t anywhere in sight and neither is the Hamburgler, but Maccas are behind this latest footy campaign. Personally, we’d rather eat the Sherrin than a Big mac, but hey, you be the judge.

SA agency kicks the Vics
The only thing better than a story about an agency picking up some nice new business, is an agency picking up some nice new business after pitching against a couple of Victorian agencies. Oh yeah!

Agency on track
It seems there’s a few places around town doing quite nicely thankyou very much. Here’s another story about someone who’s just picked up a nice, juicy new piece of business.

New SA Film hits the big screen.
Getting a locally made film shown in a major cinema isn’t easy, but a bunch of local film makers have just done that. Now they only need one more thing - for you to go see it!

Banking on a new brand
Look who’s gone and got a facelift! No, it’s not Joan Rivers (again). And we can pretty much rule out Michael Jackson. Nope, it’s... well, read on and find out.

Big guns for Marketing Week
Most of the speakers at this year’s Marketing Week will be able to razzle dazzle you with their marketing prowess, but this one will be able to totally kick your arse.

Double trouble
They say two heads are better than one, so who’s gone and got themselves an MD double act? Ah yes, wouldn’t you like to know. Well you CAN, all you have to do is read this

SA agency gets defensive
If you haven’t seen this video yet, you really should check out - it’s awesome. Although, if you’re anything like us, you may well start constructing your own bomb shelter once you’ve seen it.

All go for Marketing Week
When it comes to marketing events here in SA they don’t get any bigger than this. So what exactly have they got planned this year?

New face at Touche
They’re doing some pretty fancy things with Star Warsy technology and now they’ve got a new face on deck to help them explain to the rest of us luddites what the hell they’re up to.

Showpony on the move
And they're racing! this particular pony has new digs, a new staff member, and a new client. Find out where, why, who and who right here

There's more to it
It seems there’s more to DTED’s new ‘there more to it’ campaign than we thought. How much more? Wouldn’t you like to know. Ah, actually, if you do want to know, just read this.

New agency in town
OK, so strictyly speaking it's not a new agency. But it's a new name for sure. So who exactly is doing what? As usual, we've got the hot off the press, ah, net news...

New brand wanted
Don’t be distracted by our do-gooder rant, there is an exciting opportunity for an agency in this story. New client anyone?

Driving Business Success in Turbulent Times
Check out this upcoming marketing event where you'll get to hear from two young guns on the front line!

SA company snares Emmy nomination.
Nope, it's not a typo, an actual Emmy. Yes, in America. And no, it's not for the guys who made the Haggle Co ads...

Sponsorship races ahead
It's every spotty teen's dream - to end up immortalised in an Xbox video game. Turns out its every sponsor's dream as well. And as one SA company has just found out, you don't have to be a Tekken fighter to end up in one

Award glory awaits
Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to actually win an award to bask in awards glory. Well now you can. Make a name for yourself regardless of where you work, and what clients you have - there's no excuses this time!

Opportunities running hot
The next few weeks look like being busy ones for anyone looking to take that next step in their marketing career with a number of courses and opportunities coming up.

An AdTown Challenge
OK, so we know times are tough. But we've got a challenge for you. The question is, are you up to it?

$100k bounty for agencies up for grabs
Want to earn your agency $100k in one fell swoop? This is your big chance. And no, this isn’t a joke. Do one deal and make a $100k. We dare you not to at least be a little bit curious about the details on this one.

WDM clown around
The show clown is back and this time he’s bigger and better than ever. In fact, he’s in a whole series of ads you would have started to see around town. But do you want to know which advertising identity the clown character is based on? If you’re really nice we might just tell you.

Undies ahoy!
WARNING: In addition to some half decent information about a new campaign, this story contains various mentions of boobs and a gratuitous no-cash for comment plug

Old Camera Stuff Wanted
If you've got any old TV camera gear laying around, this guys wants it. Maybe you can help?

Fighting moral decay
Is it possible we could be more backward and authoritarian than China and Iran? An SA agency has waded into the argument with what's proving to be a rather controversial campaign that's already rubbed quite a few people up the wrong way

Another big win for SA
Yet another South Aussie working abroad has picked up a nifty little award. If you like to hear about home grown success, you'll love this

Magazine transforms
No, it's not a magazine that turns into a giant robot. Just a new magazine we thought some of you might want to know about.

Pillow talk
OK, so we don't usually do stories about other people's products, but these were just so darn cool - albeit in a totally nerdy way - we had to show them to you

Out of this World result
So it turns out the Mayor of AdTown is in the running for a bit of an award. It’s only a small one, micro in fact, but he’s a bit chuffed about it and he’s made us write about it so here’s the details.

Watch out for King’s floater
When a new campaign around town that makes poo and boob jokes is spotted, you know you can rely on your friends at AdTown to find out all about it and share the news with you.

Lab experiment a success
They’ve won stuff. They’ve been swanning about overseas. And now they’re back in town working on a whole new project that’s sure to get noticed. There’s no question these guys are a creative company to watch and if you want to know what they’ve been up to these past few weeks, read on

Hosts wanted
So you think you might be the next Rove. Or Kochy. Or Letterman. Or Oprah. Or... Well, you get the idea... It turns out a local Adelaide company is looking for a host or two. But what exactly are they up to?

Smokin' the good suff!
We know you love hearing about Gold Pencils. And Bronze Lions. But how about smoked salmon? OK, so it’s not quite the sexy story you’ve come to know and love, but hey it’s design news, and we’re telling you all about it.

Bronzed South Aussie Lion
If there’s one thing us South Aussies have, it’s a ‘can-do’ attitude. And it’s exactly that philosophy that’s turned into a ‘Cannes-do’ win for... well... read on and find out.

Panda marketing
We’ve all heard of guerilla marketing, but panda marketing? Seems pandas are definitely the animal of the moment including in this new TV campaign.

Advertising competition
Haven’t had any juicy briefs lately? Fancy banging out a few concepts that could end up plastered all over the country and winning a fancy prize in the process? Then this could be for you.

Freelance resource gets a facelift
SA Freelancers is ready for a bit of a shake up with a new owner and some exciting new plans that are sure to make quite a different to TV and film production here in SA

Budget ad feels good
We didn't hear about too many people throwing parties as a result of the recent State Budget, but at least the ad's nice. OK, to be fair, we know it's a tough budget for tough times - besides, you can't make everyone happy all the time, right? So we can only imagine how tough it is banging out an ad about it.

Tune in to digital
OK, we know digital is the way of the future. We get it. Hell, it's the only reason we even exist. So now we see yet another industry embrace the digital age. But what's it all about? As usual, you can get the no-nonense lowdown right here

Award win up in lights
As Rove would say, what the..? But yes, it's true! The innovation agency behind one of Adelaide's funkiest projects has taken out some fantastic awards for their efforts.

SA agency gives Caxton’s a nudge.
Last round they went close, but this time this SA agency has taken out the Could be a Caxton award. So, which agency was it and what ad was it for?

Jam it!
No, don’t panic, it’s not yet another story about JAM winning new business! It’s about a new ad. And hey, you gotta love an ad that tells people to ‘jam it’. We know we do. But this spot, described as a “visual kaleidoscope” has got a bit of everything for everyone. Especially nerds. Ah, we mean gamers.

TUCKshop full of treats
You’ve got to admit, TUCKshop is an awesome name or a product - even if they don’t sell ice blocks and bread rolls you can stuff full of twisties. So what exactly is TUCKshop and who’s behind it?

Local company in the Raw
The V-Raw thing is a rocking initiative to help young people find where they fit in various creative industries. And now one local company is getting in on the act giving one lucky young punter the chance to get a foot in their funky door.

Advertising photography auction for bushfire victims
The Melbourne Advertising and Design club seeks your help in fighting the devastating effects of the bushfires in Victoria, Australia

New home for HomeStart
Finally we've got a juicy bit of news about a decent sized pitch with you'll never guess who coming up trumps with the HomeStart account.

Defying the downturn
Want to know how to defy the downturn? Well, we've been asking around and it seems plenty of agencies are actually quite busy. Last week we mentioned how the environment could be good for business and today we go one on one with another agency who are doing just fine thankyou very much.

Beautiful results
They might make pretty good ads, but it seems they might know a thing about knocking out half decent films as well with their latest offering starting to rake in the accolades... and the bucks.

Local milestones
We celebrate with three local companies who notch up some pretty impressive milestones. They've all got an interesting view on what it takes to succeed so you could do worse than to check out what they have to say

Environment good for business
It's the kind of work you might not usually see, but a couple of local companies are proving doing nice things for the environment really does pay. Who exactly is doing what exactly? Find out here.

Picture perfect
We have some pretty damn talented people here in SA, including one of Australia’s leading illustrators. On top of being selected to be part of a fancy exhibition, there’ll be more than a few agencies who will be happy to hear what else he’s up to.

Nude people ahoy!
Oh yes AdTowners, if there’s a story out there involving nude people, you can trust us to find it. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Oasis make Tracks
In the coming days, the Tracks Adelaide name will be but a distant, award winning memory. So what exactly is going on around there?

Shooting fish and cops.
You’d be surprised what people get asked to shoot around town. So what shoot had four of SA’s top cops paying one local photographer a visit?

Uniform approach for Dilfinch
Sure there’s global warming, a global economic crisis and the new Matthew McConaughey film is crap. But that hasn’t stopped two local designers setting up a new design place.

Before the sun sets
Some agencies go to lunch for longer than it took to put this entire campaign together. Yep, lightning fast and with a result that has the client over the sun... Ah, moon.

Be a radio star
DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 26! Ever wanted your own radio show? Just think, you could be just like Kyle. Or Jacki O. Or, ah, someone who's on MMM. Find out what it's all about here

Joint effort snares award
Don’t you just live team work? The Advertiser have just snaffled a nice international award and there’s not one, but three big Adelaide companies who are in on the action.

Glue Society door is open
Getting a foot in the door of this crazy industry can be notoriously hard. So the chance to get your foot into a really bloody cool door is something you really should know about.

48 Hour Ad Contest
Think you could bang out a TV ad form brief to delivery in 48 hours? What about if a trip to Cannes was on the line? Well, at least one Adelaide Creative has had a crack and we'd quite like you to check it out and support him thanks very much.

Free tickets to the movies
"Stuff the news!" we hear you say. "How do we get ourselves a free ticket to Rusty's new flick?". Well AdTowners, it's easier than throwing a phone at the wall. Read on and if you're quick, you might just score yourself a double pass

The golden Voice strikes again
No, we're not talking about John Laws, but Voice design who have bagged Australia's one and only Gold in one of the world's biggest design competitions

Bank SA goes back in time
OK, so they went belly up in the 80s (a scene strangely missing from their latest TVC), but other than that Bank SA have done a pretty good job of things. Now you can take a walk down memory lane with them in their new ad

New brain for Einstein
As far as staff moves they don't get any bigger than this. Short of The Pope joining the taliban, this is about as big an industry move you're likely to hear about here in SA for a while. So who went where? Read on and find out!

Coopers still dinky-di
You might recall a few years back those greedy folks over at Lion Nathan tried to buy our beloved Coopers. Well, this time it's their turn to get bought out and our friends at Coopers made sure everyone knew about it.

Pucker up!
When times are tough, charities need to get clever about how they try and raise money. And the guys at Cara (no relation to Irene) have come up with a real beauty.

They're baaaaaack!
When accounts head East we're too tough and manly to cry about it, but we do confess sometims our eyes leak a bit. So imagine our sheer, unbridled joy when we got a whisper about an account making it's way back home

New campaign is heaps good
It started out as a T-shirt that people thought was, well, it's gotta be said, "heaps good". But 4 years later, while that T-shirt particular t-shirt may be a little faded, there's quite a few more, and in fact a whole campaign out there promoting our heaps good state.

Happy birthday us. And goodybe.
No, don't get too excited just yet. It's not an actual goodbye. But a sort of goodbye. It's a new month, 12 months since we started, and time for some changes.

The Snuggie
Well AdTowners, this is our last Monday Funday for a while and we've tried to go out with a bang. You'll need about 4 minutes up your sleeve to take in these two spots in all their glory, but we promise it will be worth it. Actually, it might not, but what the heck, watch them anyway!

Stuff to do
Looking for something to do? Well, you've come to the right place cause we've got tonnes of stuff for you to do. OK, maybe not tonnes, but you know, kilos. Or grams. Or Something.

A pitch and a punch
Doing a pitch for new business can be tough. Especially if you don't win. So should we be getting paid for pitches? AGDA have taken their fight straight to the top

A change in the weather
It's not often we get to have a very sneaky peek behind the scenes at the making of an ad. But thanks to the guys at Resin, you can check out some of the movie magic that went into making the latest SA Tourism ads

A very special 'meet the neighbours'
OK, maybe more of a cop out than 'very special', but for those of you who don't already know (and love) our very own Mayor, today's your chance to get to know him a little better

The evolution of a creative
OK, so this isn't an ad (or actually, maybe it is?), but we still considered this evolution of the creative animal a well worth contender for our Monday Funday section.

That Bloody GFC
No, we're not talking about the Geelong Footy Club (although bugger them as well). We're talking Global Financial Crisis kiddies and we were wondering if some of the rumours around town were true. So in as positive a way as possible, we do a bit of Hardy Boys type investigating to get to the bottom of things

Adobe Software for Sale
Wanna save a stack of cash on some new software? This brand spanking new Adobe software could be right up your alley

Booger alert
We admit, we still find pretty much anything to do with bodily functions pretty bloody hilarious. Call us juvenile (cause we are), but stuff like boogers are funny. So give us a few glorious, slow motion shots of people spraying snot all over the joint and we're in bodily function heaven

Dancing with the Sparkles
OK, so there's more sparkles than stars, but there's no question there's a bit of star power behind this sparkling new grog campaign

He remembers weird stuff
When he told us he was once head hunted, we were assuming it was in the wilds of Africa. But no, it was Wagga Wagga. And now, here he is, living in AdTown

Pick me
This is probably one of our favourite trends in advertising from over the past few years - the video that looks like it's a home made video but probably cost about a million bucks. And this one, well, this one is one of the better ones going around

AADC Awards 2009 Highlights Video
OK, so we're unlikely to ever win a filming or editing award with this effort. But hey, we did our best. And considering it's pretty much the only video of the night going around, we're prepared to say it's also the best. Or at the very least, hopefully better than nothing.

51 weeks to go
It may only be 36 weeks til Christmas, but it's 51 weeks til the next AADC Awards. Which got us thinking. We'd better start being nice if we want Santa to bring us something. It also got us wondering just how inspired people are and do the Awards really push people to be more creative? Here's what we decided

Masters Chair is Beautiful
Winning one Masters Chair would be beautiful. But winning two? Now that's just plain greedy. We had a chat to the guy who's on a Master's Chair hat trick to see what he has to say for himself on both the win and the year ahead

All the president's men
OK, so as far as big awards go a watering can is hardly the height of glamour. To be fair, it's not just one of those green plastic ones, but a fancy silver one. And to get hold of that little baby you need to do something pretty darn impressive. So, who won it this year and why? Find out here

Voice bags the big one
It's the gold logie of the advertising and design world here in SA and yet again, it's been picked up by a design agency.

AADC Awards Smackdown
The dust has barely settled, but that hasn't stopped us doing our best to give you a bit of a smackdown on last night's wrestling with awards extravaganza. If you weren't there, or were but had such a good time the details are a little blurry, this is your chance to relive the glory and excitement of it all

Extra Artists - 3D design studio
World class digital illustration on your doorstep!

AWARD School kicks off
It's a bit like Australian Idol but for Advertising. Except the participants don't have to sing. And they don't get knocked out. Or perform at the opera house on the final. OK, maybe it's not much like that at all except it is a breeding ground for hot new creative talent

Republic runs hot
Their philosophy is "it's better to offend some than impress none" and they've certainly been doing more than their fare share of impressing with the achievements piling up. And now they've added quite a nice little award to their growing collection

Coopers scores at Rugby 7s
We may not be a rugby state, but that didn't stop almost 30,000 people turning up, zillions tuning in and hundreds of kegs of Coopers being chugged down at the recent Rugby 7s event here in Adelaide

Downturn-defying wins
Downturn? What downturn? It seems some companies are doing just fine in these supposedly tough times with one local company picking up not one, or even two, but three nice new pieces of business. Greedy buggers that they are

One for offroad people
You can always rely on VW to put a smile on your dial, and this latest effort with a complete and utter moron is no exception

Mystery solved
OK, so it's hardly up there with who nicked off with the Beaumont kids. In fact, as far as actual mysteries go, it's actually pretty tame. Hell, it's even been solved already so technicaly, it's not even a mystery anymore. But that won't stop us giving you the lowdown on what it was all about

A sad farewell
We're sorry to say today's story isn't fun or upbeat or positive. It's the news of one of our industry greats going to that big production department in the sky.

Ad man ahoy!
He never got into the space program and so somehow ended up in advertising instead. We were desperately looking for space jokes and even considered doing one baout 'uranus' but instead, maybe we'll just get on with it

Time travellers wanted
OK, so we have no idea if this was actually for real or not, but you've got to laugh. Besides, it's no less believable than last week's effort from Telstra

An SA first, some cool new digs, a do-gooding effort and a job
Yep, it's a bit of a dog's breakfast of news this week, but as usual, if you read it you'll be pretty much up to date with what's going on. And let's face it, you won't get this kind of news anywhere else in the known universe

Voice heard across the globe.
This is one of those 'yay for Adelaide' stories that makes us go all warm and gooey inside. So much so, we haven't made barely a single wise crack (OK, maybe one or three) to make sure we have room for all the very cool details

Lexus drives forward
OK, we confess, we completely missed news of this pitch along with who won it. But hey, better late than never. Besides, now you can read about the pitch and the first campaign all in one hit

They call him 'cupcake'?
Any guy with 'cupcake' as a nickname who thinks we should all still be living in the 80s is more than a little bit OK with us. So we figured we might just introduce him to the rest of you

Telstra go all out
We've posted some rather fun things on our Monday Funday, but most of them have been intentionally fun or funny ads. But this one is an unintentional pearler courtesy of our friends at Telstra. Nice one guys

Gruen comes to Adelaide... and some other stuff.
Yep, Frankie may well have gone to Hollywood, but the big news is Gruen went to Adelaide. Or maybe a bit of Adelaide went to Gruen... and oh yeah, it's THAT time of year again

Hearts race. Stomachs churn.
Ah yes, you'll be absolutely spewing if you miss reading about this one. Although, you might also be spewing if you watch the video. Check out these two tasty new viral campaigns

Clems get balls smashed
The nerdy animation boys turn out to be way sportier than anyone expected but it's still the hot chicks who turn the heads. As for Clems, well, it's fair to say they put in a less than stellar performance

Angels brough him here.
No, not geometry! We said Angels, not angles. This music man is a Taurus who likes snatch - his word, not ours. Besides that, he worked with one of the greatest Aussie bands of all time (according to us) and that's good enough for us to want to introduce you to him'

In full swing
As usual, this work isn't exactly hot off the presses (are their still hot presses anymore?) but it is a fun campaign. Plus, we love car campaigns that don't actually feature a car so this one gets two big AdTown thumbs up

Green ideas, adtech and some jobs (available and wanted)
Yep, it's the usual mixed bag of news with not a whiff of Friday 13th mayhem... So put your ice hockey masks and slasher knives down and check out what's going on

Not an Adelaide ad
Don't be fooled, this is a story about an Adelaide ad, it's just that it's about an Adelaide ad that doesn't look like an Adelaide ad. If you know what we mean. Which, at this point, you'd be forgiven if you don't

Mystery dancing chicken
Oh, come on. You can't honestly pass up reading a story about a mystery chicken can you? OK, so it's actually a story about a local studio re-branding, but there really is a dancing chicken in there somewhere as well

He admires dead people
He's the first person to say he wouldn't change a thing about the industry. Which leads us to believe he's either really happy, or completely bloody delusional. We'll let you be the judge

Freeview TV takes a hit
OK, we admit, we read about this in AdNews which means we know you probably did too... but given Monday's a holiday where we're from we thought you wouldn't mind us cheating and regurgitating a little

AdTown Classifieds
OK, so today's collection of news is more like the AdTown Classifieds, but hey, what are we gonna do? We thought it was worthwhile letting you know about all this stuff, so we did. If you don't agree, apologies for the 4 minutes you'll waste scanning for something of use to you.

Beware of SIS
Let's cut right to the chase... any ad campaign with the legend that is Johnny Haysman in it was always going to get the big thumbs up from us. Hey, if we had our way, he'd be premier... maybe even prime minister. Alas, we have to be conent with his guest appearance in this latest campaign for SIS

Local idea makes the news
It's like one of those fancy bread makers. Or maybe a pizza maker. Only it's for PR. So if you're into PR, do PR, want to do PR or just like Gary Coleman jokes, you really should read this

He has red wine coming out his ears
This PR guy once played to an audience of 70million people - hell, that's almost as many people as watch Neighbours!

Safety first for fish
Maybe we're the only ones in the world who hadn't seen this. OK, so it's not hysterical, but it made us smile enough to qualify being fun enough for Monday Funday

The highs. The lows. The in betweens.
Buckle up kiddies, we've got more news than you can shake a stick at again today. There's the good, the bad, the ugly... actually, there's not really an ugly, but there is a great deal on a new iMac. While it doesn't have the same ring to it, we think it sounds pretty good anyway

Agency has nothing to offer
A stack of business wins, some new campaigns and big plans for 2009. You have to ask yourself, what are these guys on? And where do we get some?

Another Best result
An Adelaide company trumps those riff-raff interstaters not once, but twice! Talk about good, better, Best! We love nothing more than a great South Aussie success. We may well roll up the footpaths at 8:30 and have some A-grade deviants, but at least our radio aint half bad

He started in smallgoods
This muso really has done a bit of everything. From touring with a famour aussie band to doing music for Disney. He also knows Karate so whatever you do, be nice to him. (We're sure as hell we knew about the karate thing otherwise we may have said something about his middle name)

(BEEP), Sport and Funny Sh*t
OK, so we know we might have used up our quota of rude words with last week's effort, but if you'll be a little bit generous, we're hoping you might allow us just one or two more with this little effort

Seal of approval
Unless your name is Greg or Helen, you may not have seen the new SATC work yet... so this is your chance!

Jack Black features in new campaign
We can't in good conscience completely mislead you with a sensational headline like that. But technically, it's true. Sort of. Ah, what the heck, if you want to know why Jack Black is on a local ad camapign, you're just gonna have to read the story

Tim Soldier up for gong
Hello, we're Charles Sturt. OK, so we're not the REAL Charles Sturt, but then, neither are all those other people saying it. Speaking of which, a happy snap of one of them is in the running for a cool $25k

This writer likes horsing around
They're a bit like transformers... they're there, waiting. Sometimes they're right in front of you but you don't even know you're looking at them. Yes, they're our freelancers and today we introduce you to one of them

The one and only?
When you're SONY, the one and only, you're kind of famous for lots of things. And you could argue you know your brand has really made it, when you make it onto a news report like this. WARNING: FREQUENT COARSE LANGUAGE

Some courses, a secret TVC edit and yes, an appeal
We've got some details on a couple of things coming up that could be a tasty little treat for your brain, but if you're more just into good goss, then you might want to know about an alleged R-rated edit of an ad that never quite made it to air

Cat piano is the ducks guts
This is the story of a moving office, a shadowy maestro, some singing cats and... oh, you wouldn't believe us if we told you. Except we would like to tell you all about it and we do hope you'll believe us. We promise we haven't been drinking. Much.

Sowing the seeds of success
One of our very own SA design companies gets their work included in an international design publication. As always, we give you the lowdown on the who and what

He's got a thing for Scarlet Ladies
We always try and bring you a good cross section of people to get to know here at AdTown. Sometimes they're people you would have heard of. Sometimes not. But they're all part of our weird and wonderful industry. Today's neighbour is one who really needs no introduction at all

A Valentine's Day special
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought this little beauty from a while back might not only put a smile on your face, but also be a timely reminder...

More news than you can shake a stick at
Some weeks we don’t have much to say, so we pretty much just keep things brief and make a bit of stuff up. This isn’t one of those weeks as we absolutely bombard you with news about what’s what in good old AdTown. Seriously, a few minutes perusing today’s article and you’ll be more up to speed than Carl Williams

Slippery kiss
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, at least one client has well and truly jumped onto the kissing bandwagon

Clems go for the double
We're a bit pissy about the whole 'State Agency of the Year' category, but we're guessing the team at Clems are just fine about it

He wants to get punched out. Again.
Wanting to have your lights punched out isn't exactly a lofty ambition, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Our hero Chuck
They say when the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris. And we'd be lying if we didn't admit to being fans of him here at AdTown. So what better way to start the week than with a fun, if slightly confusing ad, featuring the man who is so tough, if you google "Chuck Norris getting his arse kicked" you'll get zero results cause it just doesn't happen.

Will you marry me?
An opportunity, a proposal, blowfish testicles, a raped raccoon and a nibbled knob. Oh come on, it's only January and already we've set the bar high for the rest of the year

Jam UN-veil new campaign
OK, so this new campaign is asking us to put a bit of 'un' in our lives (and vocabularies). But if, like us, you're not really sure what that is, don't worry, it's not Jam's fault, it's an unSydney unthing. Hey, at least we know what a Hills Hoist is

Fringe ad comes to life
OK, so that Fringe dude is slightly creepy when he comes to life. A bit like a Christian Brother we used to know. But other than that, this is quite a fun spot delivered by our friends at Resin.

The Sasquatch
This designer was friends with the Colonel and reckons he's got hair to spare... but no ass if his work ethic is anything to by.

Can pigs fly?
We're not sure if they can fly, but they sure as hell know how to take a dump on set as was proven when LuLu the pig let rip when starring in a recent TVC

The fur flies
Good causes and copious amounts of bare flesh. Ah yes, two of our favourite things. So god bless Pride Models for dishing up a fair serve of both with their recent protest.

Fun in the sun.
Don't drink. Don't smoke. Don't eat junk food. Don't go out in the sun. Don't surf porn. It seems we're bombarded with advertising messages about what we can't do. Finally, one agency fights back telling us what we CAN do. Even if it's not one of the really juicy ones.

The (not so secret) Agent.
This art director reckons he started off as a lifeguard, but to be honest, we're not reallty sure if that's true. Or if he has many leather bound books like his hero. And now he wants to be called an agent, so Andrew, in true Make-a-wish style, we'll help you make that dream come true right here, right now.

Walk In Fridge
It's time to start your week with a smile courtesy of the kind folks at Heineken

A musical city, some wine ideas and a few fancy gigs
The year might still be young, but we're on our way with a collection of what's up around town. So dust the cobwebs off your mouse and get clicking to see who's doing what, where and why here in AdTown!

Charlie says hi
Who knew Charles Sturt was actually an old asian man? According to this new campaign he has many faces... and this is one of them!

Going down?
No, it's not a new, more complex Olympics logo. They're condoms. Yes, condoms. Because they're fun. They're colourful. And we like doing slightly rude things. Oh, and because David Oldfield's dog ate some. Which is almost completely irrelevant to our story on the AADC new membership structure. Almost.

Meet the flying fox
He's been around for a while now and his long term goal is a bit grim, but other than that this neighbour's got a few cunning tips to share

Let the fun begin!
The truth is, this probably isn't the funniest ad going around. But given were still trying to dust off the Christmas cobwebs, it was the best we could do for now.
Some news to kick off the year
Just some random stuff really. A 'we're back' message, an awards deadline (that's pretty much already passed) and an upcoming event
Industry Advice Wanted!
We'd love it if you could take a few minutes to offer us a few pearls of wisdom.
FOR SALE: SONY V1 camera
Save a packet on this fantastic HDcam being sold by one of our members.
Office space avail: Hutt St
If you're a creative freelancer of some description and you'r looking for a nice city-fringe office this could be right up your alley.
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