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Welcome to MADtown

Once upon a time, there was a website called AdTown, and it was pretty awesome. But that’s not the end of the story. Oh no. AdTown was just the beginning. Because now we’ve started a new chapter and it’s called MADtown. Which is sort of like AdTown but with an extra M. Obviously.

For the most part, MADtown will be a lot like AdTown used to be. There’ll be news, jobs, events, various random stuff and, at times, the loud mouthed opinion of self-appointed Sputnik, the ‘Mayor’ or MADtown.

The main difference between then and now, other than the extra ‘M’, is that we’re going to make a more concerted effort to bring you news from all corners of the industry. The whole Marketing, Advertising and Design universe. M-A-D... See what we’ve done there? Clever, right? Naturally we’ll continue to do it with a healthy dose of our usual attitude and (attempted) humour..

In the beginning...

AdTown was created after a bunch of people who, loosely speaking work in 'advertising', wondered why there wasn't a better resource for news and connecting with other people in the industry. Something we could all use every day, or at least whenever the need arose. You know, kind of like a toilet. So we created this thing called AdTown. The name just came to us and it was available so we called it that. It wasn't some deep strategic decision. And yes, we knew there'd be a whole bunch of poeple who'd be tempted to have a whinge about how they don't really work in 'advertising' and how whatever they do isn't part of 'advertising' as such and should be more appropriately acknowledged... and, oh, whatever. We called it AdTown.

So that's how this whole thing it started. Now it's called MADtown and here's what you can do while you're vsiiting.

You can check out news about what's going on around town.

You can list your own details (personal or business) in the directory.

You can submit news or work to share.

You can look for work, or look for someone, freelance or otherwise, to help you out on a project.

If we were really clever (and cashed up) we would have made this all very 'Web 2.0' (geek speak for that whole profile/social networking/upload your own content blah blah blah) but the truth is, we're just not that smart. And seeing as this isn't about making a dime, the investment seemed even more foolhardy than the one we've already made. That's not to say we don't have lofty ambitions about doing all that stuff one day, and certainly, if there's something you'd like to see on here, by all means let us know (and hey, be polite!).

But for now, put up with our slightly old school system and we'll do our best to create and maintain a site that is of some value to you.

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